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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My girl is 14!

Mathilda turned 14 recently and here are a few photos to document this day/week. Teenager in years but, thankfully, not at heart. (yet)

B day morning. She supposedly sets her alarm every year for 4:47am (the exact time she was born) to wake up and wish herself happy birthday.  I really like that. :)

Presents first.

She got lots of money for spending.

A birthday donut to mark the occasion.

For lunch she was feeling very "grown up" so she suggested going to Cafe Degas where she ordered the cheese board.

For dinner, Little Tokyo hibachi and Brocatos for dessert.

For her official friend party, she had a swimming party, as usual. Since she had it on the 14th and she was turning 14 she decided it should be a heart themed affair. Love a girl with a concept.

She and her friend Gabby made the cake themselves. I was very proud.

Table with a few heart shaped extras.

Happy with watermelon.

Friend pool pic.

All the candles, and many more.

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