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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blogging from Ireland.

Glendalough- where the mountains meet the big lake. beautiful.
Yellow door on Dublin Georgian.

Shepard with his herding door.

Graveyard at the monestary at Glendalough.

Our hotel-Number 31 in Dublin.

Camp photos

MJ at Songa-first night dinnerMose at Keewaydin. Canoe tip-over test.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New York minute

Vermont and Ireland

In my eye, they both look like this painting by Matte Stephens. And they smell of wet grass. Sweet.

On the road to Vermont.

Mose dreams of bb guns.

Just look at these two. Yummmmmy.
Feeding the lambs on a farm in Vermont.
Mose reallllly likes this little guy.

Uncle Kyle gets in on the action.

Mathilda is in Blueberry Cabin. (I had to track her down to say goodbye.)

Mose at Keewaydin. Anwii-Tent 2, full of confidence. They had him at

Ciao, ciao. It's goodbye ciao.

Visit to the North Fork of Long Island.

The family visits the Greene's (Andy, Liz, Hudson, Quincy, Phoebe and the resident woodchuck) on the North Fork of Long Island. Perfect slice of life.

Sometimes bigger is not always better.

Rock hopping on the LI Sound.

Andy Greene (Josh's good friend from his Thailand days) and the youngest, Phoebe.

Liz makes her own perfection. Marinated pork over corn pancakes with salsa and pickled onions. Out of this world.

East Hampton is the place to be.

Our BFF hosts.

There is no better match than the oyster and the Pimm's cup. (except, maybe, the two guys above)

Mathilda and Miriam, so yesterday.

Waiting for the lobsters!

Mitzi gets some serious croquet on.

Gang's all here. Except for those obviously missing.
Mi finds the prize pristine sand dollar.

Uncle Kyle lets no one named David rest.

The tale of the $14 hamburger.

Bob out for an East Hampton fried chicken run. The 4 cars in the driveway, just won't do.

While browsing UO in New York

These caught my attention.