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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beachy keen.

Once again, we happily got to spend a few days lazing on the beach with friends in Fort Morgan, AL.
Thanks Kelly and co. for allowing us to share a beautiful, heartwarming, super cool time with you.
A flounder was caught (by Henry) and now all have flounder fingers.

James Rose catches a big one. (Well, definitely the biggest smile)
Very special end-of-day on the beach.
Josh inspires the fisherman.
It's a Bee (Brennen) fan club.
Mathilda loves-a-castle face.
Casey in stick ball stance.
Gray Gold is golden in the sun.
The hats of Reynaud.
Emma featuring Emma.
Katherine Rose digs in.
And the fishing continues. Thank you, thank you.

In summer, the song sings itself.

Traditional last day of school pic on the house steps.
Mose with all the girls he's loved before.
MJ and teacher of the year. Mr. P

My recent New York inspirations

MOMA always inspires.
A lobster roll lives in Brooklyn
The window at Burton. Skateboarders rock design.
At International Contemporary Furniture Fair- IKEA steals the show. Bendable lamps.
Hitchcock gets metro.
ABC windows are wow.
Soho makes the best graffiti.
I am truly nuts for street nuts.

A super designer doggie kennel at a show at DWR. Must have.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My latest hurricane plan.

The mini cooper clubman and his handy airstream partner.

Friday, May 8, 2009

White is always right.

Loving this new Trondheim line at IKEA
Patrick Townsend string light.
Mod mushroom stool at UO.

Our 12th Anniversary :)

A custom portrait done for me by Ashley Goldberg, as a gift to Josh. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Jazz Fest -09

We made over 200$ for the LASPCA selling friendship bracelets, button bracelets, brownies and strawberry lemonade.
Tony Bennett pic for Claire and Bob. Only guy out there in a sport coat.

A squishy ball we took to the fest for fun. MJ found the perfect place to hold it.
Mathilda and Mose showing off their wares. They got much better at their sales pitch by the second weekend, where they would stand in someone's path and say "that is such a great outfit, but it would look SOOO much better with a homemade bracelet" They do not get that chutzpah from me.
We camped out one day for the duration.
My first and my last and maybe three in between meal at jazz fest. Soft-shell crab po-boy.
Josh giving MJ an airplane ride.