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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A head of broccoli!!!

In our urban garden.

I am redoing the playroom to be a little more grown up and have my eye on these awesome pieces.

Love this dramatic bean bag chair. Called Dickies from Moooi.

The ultimate foosball table. Ohhhh...

I bought this diamond Bertoia to affix teddy bears to with those plastic cable tie thingies. I'll post the after picture when it's done.

Trying to figure out how to get this ottoman in there.  From West Elm.

I hung this mural on the wall. Nice and calming teenage hangout. Is that an oxymoron?

Mose had a birthday!

Mose turned 11 while in Thailand, but he wanted to invite a few friends to go to the Sugar Bowl game. He requested his favorite meal. Tacos. Plus his second favorite meal. Whipped cream. (See it in his hand, ready to shoot!)

His favorite friends Matthew and Jackson came over, too. Josh took them all to the game and they laughed the whole time. Popcorn and cotton candy included. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We had an amazing 17 day trip to Thailand. Here are many of the highlights.

The airport posse. Ready to roll.

Our first tuk tuk ride. Bangkok.

The Thai people believe in having spirit houses outside their homes for the spirits to live instead of inside their homes. They give offerings of flowers, friuits and sometimes statues. All beautiful.

The Giant protects Mose and Mathilda in the Grand Palace.

At the Grand Palace grounds unbelievable architecture abounds.

We rode a long tailed boat on the Chao Phraya river.

We met this floating merchant selling her wares.

Mathilda bought a few hats, that turn into fans, for herself and some friends. Great for Jazz Fest.

Mose at Wat Pho with the famous reclining Buddha.

At this temple you could buy coins to give as offerings along a long trail of bowls.

Mathilda enjoyed the process.

The kids bless each other at the Grand Palace entrance.

The morning market umbrellas. Not quite ready for business.

There were tons of amulets at the market for purchase. So I purchased.

Mose tries out a coconut. Sweet juice.

We had a great shopping trip and lunch with our friends Sonny and Echo who were in Bangkok. Yummy all around.

Some great crafts at the huge weekend market.

There is just food everywhere you turn.

A monk and his coconuts.

Mathilda in the market.

Crazy fruits and who knows what else.

On day 5 we got on a plane and went down to Phuket for some beach time.
We stayed at the Sala Phuket, which was an amazing place. A designer's dream.

The exterior of the duplex.

The downstairs sitting room and bedroom for the kids with outdoor bathroom.

The master bath, all open to the outside. All custom.

MJ running the front yard.

Our own pool. This was a huge splurge. Very inspirational.

Mose gets a ride from a friend.

The outdoor public bathroom. Stunning.

Hitting the waves on the Sala beach.

Beach feet. The sand was the color of honey.

Josh and Mose would get up early in the mornings and go to the bar for coffee, cocoa and Thai bar games. Mose contemplates his next move here.

The view from the bar of the quite pool.

We took a speed boat to the islands of Koh Phi Phi one day for snorkeling. Highlight was swimming with turtles.


We stopped at monkey island and fed the monkeys there.

These monkeys loved it!

We drove into old Phuket town for lunch one day to eat at Raya, a restaurant our friend and food blogger, Chez Pim recommended. Delicious crab curry. Best ever!

Dessert in old Phuket.

Back at the Sala, Mathilda made some very international friends. Having fun in the Fun Pool. Singapore and London represented.

She catches a toad and her new friend, Estelle from Berlin, catches her.

MJ got to ride a horse on the beach at Laguna. Happy happy trails.

While we were there we met a baby elephant named Lucky. Josh gets a kiss because he speaks Thai.

Mose gets a handshake.

Mj cools off in the surf at sunset.

At Sala, the girls get in the spirit with Santa hats. Love those birdcage chandeliers.

On Christmas morning, next to the coconut tree.

Dee, the bartender, gives Mose a hug goodbye.

Josh walks the beach one last time.

And finally gets me in front of the camera.

We hop another plane to Chiang Rai. At the airport there are special seats in the front for monks. Cool.

In Chaing Rai, we head to Anantara for elephant camp. On the road we see a future friend.

So excited, we're doing the elephant dance.

A momma and baby enjoy a shower.

This Mahout, or elephant trainer, teaches us how to talk to the elephants.

Mose can talk their language already.

Mose and Josh share the first ride.

Truly gentle giants. Exhilarating to ride.

Mathilda was fearless.

I tried with no hands. Plus, next pic of how it looked from up top.

Mogli Mose. A wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. He's loved them since he was 2.

We went into Chiang Sean for a Wat visit. Mose banged the ceremonial gong.

The candles, incense and lotus flowers for offerings.

I shook the container until a number 18 fell out. Then opened drawer 18 and here was my fortune.

I am a lucky girl.

Really beautiful open air temple and the Buddhas that live there. The original King's temple.

We ate so much amazing Thai food. This was a perfect roadside lunch.

Early in morning of the Saints/Falcons game we got up and made an offering to some monks who come by for the only food they will eat all day. They gave us a blessing and as Josh so eloquently said after, "Bet there weren't any Falcons fans giving offerings to monks today."

We went across the Mekong for a visit to the island that is part of Laos. We shopped the market and Mose and MJ got to see dirty, shoeless kids beg for coins from strangers. Harsh reality check. 

We also went into Burma, which is now Myanmar for a good dose of grateful.

Gasoline for sale in old pop bottles next to drinking pop bottles. Recycling Burmese style.

The exhaust was stifling, but this boy was still all smiles.

Over 75 different sects live in Burma. A beautiful one here.

At a temple, Mathilda lets a bird free as an act of kindness and good luck.

Josh gives a offering to his Wednesday birthday reclining buddha. 

Mose crosses the country line back into Thailand with a suitcase we bought for all our treasures.

The kids pose with some Akha hilltribe ladies. Can you say Mardi Gras costume?

On day 14 we drove to Chiang Mai for a few days and found some beautiful, inspiring Wats. In this one, we got a personal blessing and a string on our wrist from a young monk.

Partially restored Chedi from the 16th century. Really spectacular.

Love the contrast of the beautiful Buddha and the old Chedi.

I got this shot by chance of a young monk on his way to the temple. One of my favorites.

An old wood house on the grounds of the temple in Chiang Mai. Just lovely.

On the way to Chiang Mai we stopped at the crazy White Temple designed by Khun Chalemchai. A close up here.

On the grounds, some hands up. Should be screaming, "Throw me something mister!"

The kids think this place is awesome!!

We also stopped at a wonderful Thai pottery studio with a cafe'. I loved this detour.

I finally found some great graffiti collages in Chiang Mai.

MJ's last noodles.

No way, going home already?!!!

Such an trip! I guess that's the end from the land of 1000 smiles. Cop coon ca!