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Monday, October 10, 2011

Booties, booties, bat mitzvah.

I have been shopping lately for Bat Mitzvah clothes.( One of the many pluses to staging such a wondrous event). But, I have found myself obssesing over shoes called "booties" that are not really suitable for temple attire. I guess I'll have to just go rogue.

Alba booties from Anthropologie. Look they are a color besides black!

Julienned booties. Love u!

A girl's room in blue (ish).

West Elm bubble side table. Great texture for any room.

Jonathan Adler's Brasilla side table.

Zimmer Seafood!

At a recent Lusher swim meet in the Lakefront Arena, we "Yelped" this restaurant nearby and were extremely pleased to find some amazing seafood there. Fresh boiled crabs, stuffed crabs and marinated crab to name a few. Po boys and all other yumminess. Awesome find. Check it out.

Mathilda has her first "friend" date.

Mathilda was invited by a family friend (8th grader) to the Jesuit homecoming dance at the Superdome. She was a little intimidated, at first. (which was the word she used in the text that came once she got there) but ended up meeting a few cool girls and then saw a couple other friends she knew. She had a great time with Jasper. So cute. Wrist corsage and all. Oh my, my...