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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get a move on

One in a series from the "Language of Life"

Make It Right 9 pink houses

Mose and Mathilda loved the pink houses and we all picked the house design we liked. To make a donation to Brad Pitt's Make It Right 9 please log on to Buy a tree for someone's yard or a sink for their bathroom. Make's a great birthday present!!

The talking houses of New Orleans #1

An ongoing photo series of houses I've met in NOLA.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bringing in the new year.

Party lights. Happy, happy 2008!
Sparkler dance

Party Pics

Mathilda and buddy Grayson at the Franklin's Open House

MJ has an enlightening conversation on her Dollar Store cell phone

Mose turns 8!!

Mose took the family and 3 friends- Will, Crawford and Joseph to a New Orleans Hornets basketball game.

Some puppy pillows I was commissioned to make for Christmas presents.

Chi wah wah 1 for Patrick
Dixie II for Allie

Mose's holiday party was so sweeet!

Cool dude at 2nd grade skating party

Mathilda plays Santa

Santa visited Oma's house.