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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So much to be thankful for.

As the Thanksgiving holidays have passed. I reflect on how lucky I am to have 2 wonderful extended families to enjoy. Which I enjoyed, very much, this holiday weekend.

I always marvel how my Mother continues to create. As a kid I remember the holiday season very fondly. In her heyday, she had decorations in every room. Yes, even the bathrooms. Really. (Mostly which she made herself) While visting over Thanksgiving, the kids and I got to help decorate her tree. Some shots of her (and our) handiwork here.

Her extensive collection of Santas on the mantel.

Her handmade miniature beaded Christmas tree. Amazing.

MJ loading up the tree. I remember lots of these ornaments from years gone by.

Mose enjoys each and every one.

The creativity extends to my sister, Dawn, who made this nativity from wool. Love it!

The collection of Santa's helpers is impressive, as well.

My Mom embraces the fact that we are Jewish, in my family, and proudly displays Mathilda's popsicle stick star of David on the tree.

These are truly the show stoppers. She makes these carolers from glass bottles, foam balls, dip'N'drap and misc. notions. The front teeth are pin heads in different sizes. Magical!

And, of course, a stocking for each grandchild.

She is Mother load!

At the Houston Mayers we celebrated mostly around the gorgeous dinner table (or in front of a football game:) Eric watches the guest of honor, Mr. T.

The glasses are filled.

Linda, Peter and Josh looking for seconds.

The spread.

Eva Jane has Mr. T's leg all to herself.

I happen to be a big fan of the Jello mold. Especially orange ones.

Isabelle and Dottie talking about world issues or belly buttons.

Josh, Eric and Sam. Ready for dessert or maybe some badminton is in order.

On a scale of 1-10? This holiday was a...
From the sign on the 10th floor hotel room at The Derek in Houston :)

Boards in the studio.

Boys woodlands bath.

Owl bath mat from Urban.

Master bedroom mix.

My obsession with Rex Ray continues. Now in pillow form.

Boys room for a fun guy.

With my favorite ferris wheel mural.

Monday, November 28, 2011

MacBrief MacBeth

Mathilda was witch 3 in the Lusher Drama Troupe's Fall performance of MacBrief MacBeth. She did a great job, as did the whole cast, costumes and set design.

The witches were so scary!!!

Chalk board on wheels!!

You all know how much I love chalkboards. Every where. Well, Mose and I found this one on something unexpected. A truck parked outside the Lowe's. Mose says, "Well, if it rains, they just draw a new one". That's what I love about chalk! (and Mose)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween 2011

I just made it home in time to go out for Halloween this year. Caught the earlier flight from Miami. Here is what I found. Tilda and taco.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Cuban Mission in pictures.

Josh and I were lucky enough to be involved in a religious mission to Cuba recently. What we learned was these people are hard working, friendly, extremely creative, unbelievably industrious  and hopeful. They do not cook spicy foods, most do not have cell phones and they sustain a life on very little outside help. They believe in education for everyone. But a bellman makes more in a day than a doctor does in a month. I left with a great sense that the new leadership is helping them become a more modern independent society, little by little.

Che' is everywhere.

His monument is as big as he is.

The cars are insane. Every American model pre-58. In all shapes and sizes and varies states of decay. Josh channels Dean Martin in front of one at the Hotel Riviera. 

This one in Trinidad was waiting for the wedding party inside the church.

On the way to the beach, in our 37 Ford convertible.

The red Chevy took us around Havana.

Lots of other transportation is available in Havana.
Street cab/bicycle.

The bubble taxi.

And in the countryside. The horse draw taxi.

The buildings are amazing. All, as well, in states of decay. But just beautifully colored with paint, or graffiti or laundry.

A home in the very poor interior. Walking his goat.

Ahhh, yes the graffiti and the art in Cuba was pretty amazing. I was very excited about seeing it and it did not disappoint. So much. Just a small collection here.

Yes, Josh and I purchased some art, too.

I heart Cuba!

We went to the Cuban Ballet. So perfect. The music monotone and repetitive, but to see what the dancers could do together, how chaotic, but united. Was Cuba.

I guess you can't be a tourist in Havana and not go to the Tropicana. So, we did. I did not have very high expectations, as I have been to the Krewe of St. Ann in the French Quarter at Mardi Gras, most of my adult life. I have seen many queens in very little clothes with extra large headdresses parade around to music before. But, I have to say, it was a great time and great show. Bottle of rum for everyone.

The  street music in Cuba is astoundingly good. There was always a group in every restaurant we went to. Playing the crowd and selling CDs of their music. Josh became a favorite among them for purchasing said CDs. Probably because he was such a willing participant. Needless to say, we came home with a fine selection.

Guitar Hero of Cuba.

A few of my favorites of people and places and street life. Increible o Fabuloso!

The beach at Santa Maria. 20 minutes outside Havana. Totally untouched.

Teri T takes it all in.

Vegetable street vendor in old Havana.

Street parade. So patriotic.

The kids are dressed in colored uniforms by grade level.

Men and their chickens.

The baseball park, where Cubans get together and debate American baseball. Josh gave out baseball cards one day.

Waiting for the party.

Baskets for 2 Cucs.

Josh's cigar friend.

Cuban McDonald's.

This way.

A rainy colored day.

The Jewish cemetery in Santa Clara.

View from the Revolutionary Museum.

The Cuban bus stop. No bus is coming. but hopefully there will be a cart or bicycle willing to take them where they need to go.

At the Jewish Tempe in Havana.

Work, study, defend.

The funniest thing our guide said when we asked where we could get a Cuban Sandwich was, "In Cuba, it's just called a sandwich." Josh having one here.

Viva Cuba!!