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Sunday, August 24, 2008

We are swimming!!!!!

First day of school. August 14.

Mathilda's 10th birthday party

A Dolphin/Pool party. Blowing out the double digit candles.
Her birthday crew.

Having her cake and eating it, too.
The cake. Pound cake was requested with my "famous" (Mathilda's words) frosting.
Some craziness.
And spontaneous dancing.

Audrey, enjoying the pool.

A trip to the Florida Keys and swimming with Dolphins

Mose gets a kiss from Bob
We snorkeled with about 8 dolphins. We were their play toys. It was an amazing experience. They would swim by and look us right in the eyes, inviting us to follow.
Mose gets a ride.
Our favorite, Julie.
Mathilda and I dance with the dolphins.
MJ's free ride.
We both get wet kisses.
Josh and Mose get some love.
The dolphin of the kitschy kind.
Arghh, Key Largo's mascot.
Surf Shop in Key West.
The palms at Islamorada.
More fabulous Keys kitsch.

MJ is 10

Mathilda and I celebrated her birthday with a girls-only day. First stop (after presents) was Cafe Du Monde.
As we were walking back to our car in the quarter, a balloon man asked us about acquiring a balloon sculpture. We got a birthday flower. There were other tourists around us getting balloons and the guy asked us all, what do you get when you cross a frog with sparrow. He then broke into song-with body motions. And we all followed along HOP-PY BIRD-DAY TO YOU... hopping and flapping our arms and singing to Mathilda. Priceless. 
A trip to the bookstore and a favorite caesar salad lunch.
Grown up girl hair cut.
Dinner at Little Tokyo's Habachi with Opa. Linda and the Mark Mayer crew. (Followed by a Brocato's ice cream cone, stuffed with candles)