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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mose and 5th grade week

Mose finished up at little Lusher this week after a crazy week of field trips. On to middle school. Tear.

With his friends at 5th grade sock hop.

With buddy Michael.

And Matthew

His 2 BFF's Ms. Olinde and Mr. Rheilmann

I went to NYC recently and hung out in the city. A few highlights here.

My favorite, first thing in the morning, outing in NY is heading from of my brother's apt to Jack's Coffee Shop on 10th street and 7 ave. Only place in NY that makes an Au Lait. Perfect. 

2} Abc Carpet and Home

The windows always inspire and the 6 floors of sheer interior delights make my heart pound. I also got to have lunch with my friend Nicelle at ABC Kitchen, which was really yummy.

3} Grafitti

I love grafitti. And any public art installation. Light polls and windows included. And NY never disappoints.  A few highlights.

Anthro window.

4} Theatre- I love musicals

Since I was by myself, I headed to 47th street on Friday night to stand in line for a ticket to see The Book Of Mormon. Sold out show, but they sell the tickets of people who don't show up or cancel at face value. Got one. Amazing show. Written by the guys who created South Park. Hysterical.

5{ The Alexander McQueen show at The Met.

OMG! WOW! So inspiring and just so well done. Must see!!

6{ Hanging with my brother Kyle.

He is always a few steps ahead of me, as is true of most New Yorkers. Love him!

7{ Shopping-All Saints

I found a new place that I have shopped online with before, but the store in SoHo was really cool. 100's of old Singer sewing machines on the walls. Great asymmetrical designs, which I love.

Camp St hangout

I am working on a teenage hangout for a friend on Camp St. Here are a few boards from the job.

Love the marque peace sign.

Guitar pillow rocks.

Family snapshots changed to black and white and blown up on the computer to fit Ikea frames create a inexpensive, custom look. Warm and nostalgic.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Second weekend fest!

 Red beans were rockin'

Fest friends.

Under the sunny umbrella at Congo.

The shower bath.

Inspiration for an open plan bathroom.

Bed bugs.

Mathilda and Sweet Pea snuggling.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Some first weekend fest photos!!

MJ in the playroom with friends while the FUN sign is blazing.

Photo by Rebecca Rebouche

Josh and I always celebrate our anniversary at the fest. This year we remarked on how perfectly matched we are. :)

First Friday Softy!!!!

Parades and more parades, get me in the mood.

I marvel at fest food!

Pim was happy about her Crawfish Monica. But she shared!!

 Mango Freezes all around!!