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Friday, March 27, 2009

Two tables I am loving.

From Bleu Nature, ten tree stump tables.
From Pottery Barn, in metal.

Lusher crawfish boil

Mose with his prized confetti eggs.
MJ and Gabby eating the cookies they decorated. At last count Mathilda had consumed 3 cookies, 2 cotton candy poofs, 1 popsicle (which she is holding in picture while trying to eat the cookie), 1 snowball, 1 lemon cream cake, 2 bags of kettle corn and 2 suckers.

LSU visit

We spent the afternoon at LSU last week, (with other YPOers and their families) visiting Death Valley, the practice field, locker rooms, and the new Alex Box baseball field. Very cool.
Josh in Tiger stadium.
Coach Miles graciously gave autographs and pictures, but wouldn't tell us who the quarterback would be this year.
Mose chillin' on the field.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Luck of the Irish?

Well, lucky anyway. Three of us found four leaf clovers yesterday. Happy St. Paddy's day to all my Irish peeps.

POPP's Fountain photos by Michel Varisco

The second in my quest to visit all of the Arts Council funded public art works around town. This is a photo installation by my fellow Loyola art school friend, Michel Varisco. The installation is entitled, Fragile Land:Rotunda. Her artist statement says, "the dance of fragility, decay, dignity and resiliency”. The photos and Popp's Fountain are really beautiful. City park is currently raising funds to renovate the rotunda. I had never been to the fountain. What a great place for a party. We loved being there, sitting, climbing trees and bird watching, as well as looking and acting like some of the photos.

Solar bird house.

I've been very interested in solar options lately and this one really cracked me up. It has solar panels on the roof to power the little night light on the post. Love it.

New IKEA bathroom furniture

This one is great because it includes a towel hook, soap dish and strainer.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mathilda's Market Day wares

In Mathilda's Math/Science/Social Studies class they have a Market Day after every quarter. During the quarter they make O-notes (Miss Olinde dollars) doing their jobs. Mathlda's job this quarter was communications director, (which she comes by naturally). They then can spend their O-notes on all the great stuff made by each student. Here are the things she made and sold. So cute.

Mini-doodles on key rings.

Art and Pet rocks.

Pool pics

Over view.
Looking at shower and heading to ping pong.


More Doodle madness

Well, I guess I have created a monster. Or Mathilda has created many Doodles. More in the series here.




Artist Chris Yormick sale

I am so excited to finally own a painting by an artist I have been following for years. He had a sale recently and I picked up these two pieces for a steal. Yeah!

Monday, March 2, 2009

doodles and boodles

MJ's latest creations (with a little help from mom)

A beauty.

Excel lamp.