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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A couple of walls I love right now.

In a tween boys room I designed.

First day of school porch pic. 2011-12

I never dreamed this would happen so soon.

Both in Middle School at Lusher.

Swoon at NOMA.

The Thalassa exhibit at NOMA by Swoon. A Graffitiesque artist. The kids and I thought very cool.

My baby girl is 13.

Mathilda is a teenager now. I love her anyway.

A unprecedented away from home birthday party at the J.

There was lots of diving.

A Smiley cake.

Handmade party favors. Backpack name chains.

Totally cute. (boys)

And lots of friends having fun.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sweet Pea gets blogged.

I sent in this photo, that Pim took, of Sweet Pea in her favorite waiting spot by the window. She made it into Designtoinspire's Pets on Furniture Monday.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cape Cod to finish out the summer!

We drove over to Cape Cod after camp pick up. Had some great weather. Lots of fun with the Mayer and Bernstein families and tons of adventures.

First day canoe fishing with giant night crawlers for bait. Fish love 'em.

All shapes and sizes represented.

MJ gets in on the action, as well.

Even some surf fishing happening.

We had some yummy meals with the family. Here's a typical Cape lunch. Little necks, lobster rolls and clam chowder. Oh yeah!

Mathilda and I had a surfing lesson. She's a natural.

Sam, Eleanor and Joey were there for us to love.  Lucky us!

Wednesday is clamming day in Wellfleet and Josh, Mose and MJ got the best of a very hidden bunch of clams. Thanks to Mathilda's lucky rock:)

Gideon and Nancy brought June, Ginger and Holly to join us for a few really adorable days.

Ginger catches her first fish, with many more to come.

Holly and Mose hung out.

Ginger and Holly fancied the worms.

And Mose and June conversed on the allure of fishing.

MJ gets some hugs.

Eleanor and Holly happy together after a swim.

There were a few dune hikes. This one at Duck Harbor.

And near P Town.

The biggest fish was caught by Eric out in the ocean. Striped Bass, I believe. Yeah baby. Josh cooked it up for dinner with a slightly smaller one, he reeled in.

Great rock searches.

Toni and David got in on the fun at Gull Pond. Taking the kayak out for a spin.

Gathering together for a sweet photo.

Perfect in every way!

A few mood boards I'm working on today.

A family hangout.

Ikea's Tirrup chair. Seen in both boards here. It swivels!!

Another kids hangout, but for the smaller set.

Tree bookcase from Nursery works. Perfect place for all those sweet books.