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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspiration. Old New Orleans home chandeliers with a modern touch.

The Zepplin looks like an old time chandelier covered in spider webs.

Skygarden. Love the detail inside. Like a ceiling medallion.

Looks like Mardi Gras beads were strung on chandelier from Arteriors.

Lusher crawfish boil 2011!

Once again, the boil fun. Confetti eggs.

Cori and Mathilda ready for the crack.

Mose swishes the games.

Snowball time.

Sneek peak of Annie Jr. With Grayson Gold as Sandy the dog.

Houston pool house design.

I went to Houston recently to see the progress on the pool house I am working on.

Looking from house. Outdoor kitchen on bottom right.

Looking from new pool.

David Bernstein 70th birthday party

Josh's Uncle David came to New Orleans to celebrate his birthday recently. Great weekend to see all the family.

Toni, David and Gideon.

Nancy and Holly.

Mathilda and June.

Jack and Eva.

Ginger, MJ, Mose and June greet the guests for Dinner at Calcasieu.

Min, Josh and Peter

Jon with Dottie.

Joe and Jill.

Sammy drives from the north.

Josh and Jack. So handsome.

Eleanor rabbit and MJ.

Kristi celebrated her birthday over the weekend, as well. Toni bought Hawaiian leis for them both. That's new baby, Dottie, in the middle.

Toni asked me to do the table decorations for the party. They were lots of fun.

Sunday brunch at our house.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Mardi Gras day we managed to drag ourselves out of the house.

We picked up chicken from McCardys and spent the morning watching the sights of St. Ann. Josh and I in Aka hilltribe garb.

Mathilda and Mose in some sort of costumes.

The kingcake baby.

The sauras and the other dino sauras'

This girl asked Mose to take a picture so all his friends would be jealous, but it was Josh who was.

Mj in The Spotted Cat. Love this.

The Muppets

Mathilda at the barn with cat.

Boys fishing road trip to Toledo Bend.

First stop. Greasy spoon.

After the rain, dock side fishing from their cabin on the lake.

After the cold front, freezing fishing.

Not many, but Mose reeled this one in.

Last stop, Zwolle tamales.

Despite the weather they had a great time fishing and playing cards, cooking, Disney channel, game boy and the Many La. Walmart. Mose made a list of things her learned on this trip. Number 1-Never fry bacon without a shirt:)

Girls weekend MG escape.

Mathilda and I headed out to St Pete beach over the Mardi Gras weekend. I have had this old motel turned surfer hip hotel in my travel file for awhile. Decided to check it out. We went parasailing, which was awesome, and then did the usual beach combing, castle building, burger eating, movie watching, book reading, relaxing stuff.

The Post Card Inn. St. Pete Beach Fla.

Lobby, surfing report, etc.

Mathilda combing the beach.

MJ contemplating life, or lunch.

Our room had famous (and not so famous) quotes on the walls. And mid century furniture.

The lobby and the book nooks.

The special crackle toe sandy pedi.

Our drippy castle.

Wide beach and soft surf.

Our favorite, the nautilus.

We went into Tampa one day for a art market to see our friend Rebecca at her booth. We came home with So Soon Sour. Yeah!

Face time photo. Girls weekend gone.