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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

David Bernstein 70th birthday party

Josh's Uncle David came to New Orleans to celebrate his birthday recently. Great weekend to see all the family.

Toni, David and Gideon.

Nancy and Holly.

Mathilda and June.

Jack and Eva.

Ginger, MJ, Mose and June greet the guests for Dinner at Calcasieu.

Min, Josh and Peter

Jon with Dottie.

Joe and Jill.

Sammy drives from the north.

Josh and Jack. So handsome.

Eleanor rabbit and MJ.

Kristi celebrated her birthday over the weekend, as well. Toni bought Hawaiian leis for them both. That's new baby, Dottie, in the middle.

Toni asked me to do the table decorations for the party. They were lots of fun.

Sunday brunch at our house.

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