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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pillow pile.

A stack of new pillows waiting to go to their new home.

New pillows just finished for Sydney. 

Mathilda back on a horse.

Mathilda riding Bubba after 8 weeks. She was thrilled and nervous. But had an awesome ride.

Our family tree.

Our family portrait as interpreted by artist Rebecca Rebouche'. Love, love, love it. She really has a beautiful way of capturing your life and the things you represent in a simple, elegant, innocent way. A wonderful way to remember our world. The spoon represents our love of eating and of savoring life.

Close ups. TODAY; representing living in the moment, the bracelets are so Mose, the nest; our happy home and our affinity for all things bird, our love affair with TIDE POOLs, etc.

Our WIDE NET of friends, our travel bug represented in our collection of beach travel jars and our love of coming home, oh the places we shall go, a bird that only lives in Thailand, etc, etc.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring break in SoCal.

We enjoyed ten days in southern California over spring break. Some highlights here.

Aunt Ann and Santos at Ann and Don's Santa Monica home.

Mose at The Getty in LA with a view of the city.

The girl with a horse. A very large horse, at The Getty.

Josh and I ate twice one night in La's Koreatown. Noodles and barbeque.

On the beach in Santa Monica.

The graffiti on Venice Beach is epic.  Artists are constantly making new signs. They all have a city permit.

Even on the trees.

Henna tattoos on Venice Beach.

Down the beach in San Clemente. Beautiful town.

At the San Clemente pier for oysters and fish tacos.

Mose gets his first skateboard, dude.

Down in LaJolla, Ca at the Tower 23.

The Children's Pool full of harbor seals in La Jolla. So cool. This is our Disney Land.

Tower 23 hotel. Surfers heaven.

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Awesome fun! A must!!

By the pool in Palm Springs. Sure honey, I'll watch the kids.

I checked out the mid-century modern gems in PS. This Neutra was amazing.

Mathilda and Mose made lots of friends at the pool. But they always have each other.

We explored Joshua Tree Nat'l Park. Pretty amazing.

We hiked to find Skull Rock.

Mose and I thought this rock looked quite like something else. Get it?

Mose looks for a fox.

Barker Dam at Joshua Tree.

California compositions.

We took the tram up to the mountains of Palm Springs. The elevation change equals that of going from Mexico to Canada in 10 minutes. Beautiful.

We played in the snow until our sockless feet got cold.

A shop in Palm Springs.

So Southern California. Perfect.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Milan long weekend.

Mathilda and I were lucky enough to be invited, well we invited ourselves, on a long weekend trip to Milan to visit my sister and her family, with my brother, Kyle. It was a great time. I love the energy of cousins Mathilda and Miriam. They just enjoy each other. A lot.

Dawn prepared some beautiful dinners for us. 

Nothing better in life than real Italian gelato. Sorry Brocatos.

Post flight coffee with Uncle Kyle.

The most amazing building. The Duomo. I could look at it for days. The ultimate drippy castle.

The girls at lunch.

Mathilda's favorite meal, ever. Always.

Italian graffiti. They have a lot of graffiti. I happen to love it.

Everyone is checking out Dawn's new computer. There's David and Andrea, too.

Market yumminess.

In the square. Dawn, Miriam and Kyle

The pasta window.

Mathilda at the Duomo. So chic.

My favorite picture. They just reconnect and don't let go. So sweet.