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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Milan long weekend.

Mathilda and I were lucky enough to be invited, well we invited ourselves, on a long weekend trip to Milan to visit my sister and her family, with my brother, Kyle. It was a great time. I love the energy of cousins Mathilda and Miriam. They just enjoy each other. A lot.

Dawn prepared some beautiful dinners for us. 

Nothing better in life than real Italian gelato. Sorry Brocatos.

Post flight coffee with Uncle Kyle.

The most amazing building. The Duomo. I could look at it for days. The ultimate drippy castle.

The girls at lunch.

Mathilda's favorite meal, ever. Always.

Italian graffiti. They have a lot of graffiti. I happen to love it.

Everyone is checking out Dawn's new computer. There's David and Andrea, too.

Market yumminess.

In the square. Dawn, Miriam and Kyle

The pasta window.

Mathilda at the Duomo. So chic.

My favorite picture. They just reconnect and don't let go. So sweet.

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