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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hotel Azucar, Monto Gordo, Mexico

Josh and I took advantage of no kids time, to head to Mexico. Though quick, it was a wonderful escape. Very relaxing, simple food, amazing beach and gracious people. Perfect.

Our room. All white at Azucar. Can't get any better than this.Azucar bamboo bar sign.

The circle step walk to our room.

Dinner and scrabble by the pool.

The beach at Azucar was coffee brown and crystal clear.
So delighted by the abundance of sand dollars.
Josh at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The open air library/lounge.
Handpainted signs.
Key holders made from glass bottles.
Our room from the pool.
Market at Tajin.
View from our rooms terrace.
My favorite. Homemade chips with hot salsa and mayo mixed together, lime and a Coke light. Heaven.
Jill in the palm thatched palapa of room 21.
Swine sign.

Inside a church near Vera Cruz.
A Mexican crafts women. Mathilda is the recipient of her scarf handiwork.

Kid selling his snacks on beach. Fresh coconut with lime and red peppper. Amazing.
Mayan ruin Tajin. 365 niches to keep track of the days. I like that.
A roadside restaurant that had slip covers for the plastic chairs. Very creative.

Check out their website at

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camp photos week 2

Keewaydin turns 100 celebration.

Mathilda and Dana help out for inspection.
Mathilda and CJ climb the rock wall. She claims (via snail mail) she tore a muscle doing this activity.
Mathilda at Saturday night spectacular doing something funny.
Mose with his cabin mates Ryan and Spencer (Josh went to Keewaydin with Spencers dad, Bruce) and counselor, also Josh.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Photos from the first week of camp. MJ enjoying drama and Mose all sports.

Keewaydin dinner.
Mose hanging out.
Mose heads out on a hike with Annwi.
Dinner at Songa.
Mathilda's first night cabin skit.

A few things from my wish list...

Patricia Urquiola designed Crinoline chair for B & B. OMG.
Jute rugs from Roost.
Paola Navone designed dinner ware.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Songadeewin and Keewaydin camp. Salisbury, VT

MJ and Mose are driving to camp.
All for Keewaydin.
So ready for camp. They were up at dawn.
Mose in Cabin 1 west.
Mose on his bunk. Home for 28 days.
MJ passes the lice test and arrives at cabin Cedar.
Her bunk is the brightest.

Aspen Colorado AMIN conference. Just beautiful.

We hiked.
We went white water rafting.
It was cold.
Mose and Josh went fly fishing.

They caught trout.
We had dinner on Aspen mountain.
Mj and I went horseback riding.
There was archery.
There was snow.
There were hula hoops.
A wonderful trip.