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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bat Mitzvah miscellaneous.

We had a photographer shoot the Bat Mitzvah. And since I was too nervous to do much. I don't have many photos of my own of the festivities. But I scrounged up a few to share here. A wonderful time. Very special and touching.

Friday night leaving the house, with Bob and Mathew.

After the Sat. service with friends outside the Temple.

Photo by Kimaree Long

At the party. Flying high.

Doing the Hora dance. Flying higher!

Photo by Brian Burkey

Some sweets for the sweet girl.

The MJ.

Sunday brunch. Mose and Eleanor check out the Taco truck!

Mathew and Kyle enjoy a taco or 2.

My favorite. From the photo booth. Just pure joy with her friends. What it's all about :-D
Mazel Tov!!

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