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Monday, August 20, 2012

Empire fishing trip.

We made a night and a day of the last few days of summer vacation on a boat in Empire. It was a very early morning. Fishing starts very, very early.

Heading out. Mathilda and Mose driving the boat.

First stop. Mathilda is ready.

All my fisher people at sunrise.

Mose was decidedly the winner of the most fish caught award.

Here he is casting.

And seconds later. Here he is catching.

He lets us know who has caught the only fish so far and how many Reds that is.

After awhile everyone gets into the action. Mj gets a big sheephead.

I was the happy reeler inner of this nice trout.

Then we really started hitting it. One after another.

Shrimpers were catching, too.

And, of course, Josh caught a few ;)

The haul. So much fun. And as Josh said "This was the perfect fishing trip, everybody caught fish and nobody cried." Yes, fish for dinner.


Melanie Daryl said...
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Melanie Daryl said...

Great thing your crew was able to wake up early, since fishing is also about timing. : ) Fish prefer early morning and nearing evening sun more than bright sunny midday, since these are the times that the sun warms the waters, thus creating a comfortable temperature for the fish to feed.

Melanie Daryl