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Friday, September 14, 2012

Isaac zig zag.

We had planned to be away at the beach for Labor Day weekend with Josh's family. Isaac knocked out our power on Tuesday night and by Thursday, the kids and I had had enough. We headed out to Pensacola for the night. We were planning on meeting the Houston Mayer's on Friday. Josh stayed to work, but joined us on Friday. Pete and Linda stayed home, in order to deal with Isaac issues. They were missed.

Here's our hotel room from the balcony overlooking the beach, which included A/C, room service and Saints game. It was one of the best rooms I have ever stayed in ;)

The house was not the greatest, so we made do and hung at the beach a lot.

Isaac brought up tons of great shells. We did lots of searching.

The fishing was great. There were little minnows swimming every where and the big fish were feeding. Everyone got it on it. Especially the birds.

Speaking of birds. Eric got one caught in his casting line and injured him. The kids insisted on bringing him (Rocket) to the animal shelter to rehab. Hopefully he is now among his peeps and flying high.

Some fish were caught by human Mayers. Although I don't know if this one is quite human here. Kissy, kissy.

Or this one either.

Mose caught a bunch of cats.

It was just a great time in the sun with family. The Mayer boys and their girls.

Cuz luv.

Puzzle's done!!

Just beautiful. Happy, happy.

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