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Monday, July 16, 2012

Last minute Mexican paradise.

As with every year (so far) while the kids are at camp, Josh and I have taken a short beach trip. This year we didn't plan one as we have this renovation going on, but about a month before Keewaydin, I couldn't resist the urge to set out- just the two of us. These trips together are very special. No worry trips because the kids are all looked after and having fun at camp. They have been some of my favorite trips and this one did not disappoint.

I have had this small hotel in my travel file for quite some time. Casa Sandra in Holbox (said Hol- bash) Mexico. An island on the tip of the Yucatan about 2 hours drive north/northwest of Cancun. Then a short ferry ride to the island.

The grounds of Casa Sandra. Sandra is a beautiful Cuban artist who owns the resort and was there with us, along with many of her friends and family. Very lovely property and owner.

Breakfast for 2.

The pool was nice for a quick cool off and for socializing.

The restaurant was manned by a young Cuban woman chef. Everything was delicious and fresh. Great vibe.

The rooms all have air conditioning and hammocks and nice elegant touches. But not all with ocean views and spotty electricity, which made for a little more... adventure?

We rented a golf cart to explore the island which is only about 3 miles long on the inhabited part. The Coca Cola family is said to own most of the bigger section of it.

Birds were more prevalent that people on most of the beaches.

A storm was upon us. 

Loved the pointy umbrellas that dotted the landscape.

Wild pink flamingos on the islands very large sandbar. They are perfectly made for this natural habitat. Swishing their feet to churn up the crustaceans and sticking in their long necks to gobble them up. Fascinating.

We "hung out" at a local beach shack near Casa Sandra for lunch.

We saw the boats bring in the conch. Then awesome ceviche was served.

On another day we rented bikes for another island tour.

And stopped at another beach shack for refreshments (beer)

In town there were lots of interesting and colorful buildings and signs.

Lunch of whole fish.

There was the gelato lady in town. Yummy homemade creamsicles. Coco for Josh.

The churches, I especially love. I marvel at the creativity of the devoted.

One day we set out early for a Whale Shark tour. Where we could swim with whale sharks. This was a very long 2 hour ride from which I really felt I may never return, and never see any whale sharks. Well, low and behold we came upon about 15 of the monsters. This was one of the coolest snorkels ever. Enormous whale sharks (not whales/not mammals, not sharks/no teeth) swimming along side us, under us, around us, very close to us. Awesome.

From the boat. The water was so blue when u were in it, I felt like I was swimming in blue Gatorade.

This was a post card I bought, but I swear this is what it looked like coming at me. Open mouth. Come on in. Totally wicked!

On the ride back we stopped at a beautiful spot and hand fished for a ceviche snack. Josh got in on the fun. Of course, he caught one.

We stopped at another island for a swim and had fresh ceviche made on the boat. This place was gorgeous. Miles of sandbar with lots of interesting shallow water fish. Josh saw a few lobsters, too.

Ceviche made with Josh's catch by Tony the boat captain.

 On the last morning we hung out at the beach and saw a group of native Mexicans gathering off in the water. There was a beached pilot whale there. Crazy beautiful, but injured in some way and they needed to put him in Casa Sandra's pool until the Miami rescue could pick him up. Unfortunately, we had to leave to catch the ferry to the airport before he actually made it into the pool. Here he is. Very cool to see.Very sad to be that whale.

We had such a great time in Holbox. Very serene and quite a magical little island.

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Rebecca said...

This trip looks so amazing and inspiring! (in a welcome simple way) I really need to get to mexico. thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. you guys know how to travel. xo bec