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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Passover fun.

We celebrated a great Passover this year. It started with a little volunteering at the JCC with Jewish Family service. We packed Passover boxes for those older and less able folks. The boxes contained everything you would need to make a seder meal. Including gefilte fish ;) We also signed up to deliver these boxes to those in need. We do these kinds of mitzvahs often, but never usually get to see who these things actually go to. I think it is important for the kids to see the actual people sometimes. Here's Mose carrying boxes.

We really enjoyed delivering our boxes to some mostly Russian jews in a Metairie retirement community. They were very grateful and Josh had a particularly great time talking yiddish, since his Mom's mother, Lola, was from Russia. We had a little help from one particular resident. She was a piece of work, as my friend Foofie says. Here she is with her husband and all.

This sign in the lobby cracked me up. Oy vey!

We had a first night seder at our house with Pete and Linda. Seder plate here. Pete made his famous matzah ball soup. A winner.

Next day I participated in probably my 10th CCClassic. Didn't plan on running but was given a number by a last minute traveling friend. So nice to see the family waiting in front of the house with the Go Mommy sign. I needed it and loved it!

I also loved this t shirt made by an obviously perturbed Saints fan. Her husbands shirt said, GUCK FOODELL.

For second night seder we were invited to the Tanenbaum's to celebrate with their extended family and friends. It was a great evening. Although Mose could not understand why we had to have another seder?!?!? Didn't we already have one???

Rian and Mathilda leading us in song:)

It was Easter as well, so we went over to the Herringtons for a Sunday afternoon swim and dine. I was so happy to see and nosh on some chocolate bunnies, too. And Gabby got into the spirit with Hutch's bunny mask.

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