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Friday, September 23, 2011


I love this excerpt from a book my friend, Becky's, mom sent me. It's about doing the mundane things that make you crazy, like laundry, but says embracing the mindless can give you mindfulness? Hmmm... I will never look at a basket of laundry the same.Thanks, Cook

Nothing is worth the measure we give it, because worth doesn't really exist. It is a figment of our judging minds, an imaginary yardstick to measure the imaginary value of imaginary distinctions-and one more way we withhold ourselves from the whole enchilada of life that lies before us.

If nothing is worth it, why cook? Why shop and chop, boil and toil, and clean up after? To engage yourself in the marvel of your own being. To see the priceless in the worthless. To find complete fulfillment in being unfilled. And to eat something other than your own inflated self-importance. That's what we empty when we empty the bowl, and a busy kitchen gives us the chance to empty ourselves many times a day.

PS. I still don't like laundry!

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