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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Schools out beach trip!!

The last day of school we headed to Seagrove with a few other families for an amazingly beautiful time at Seagrove Villas. Just a short walk to Seaside and a few steps from the perfect gulf. We had a ball. Friends fest!!

MJ is snow leapoard.

Nico, Rex, Henry, Mathilda and Gabby on the first day.

Nico trying for the big one.

Nico and Hutch building the ultimate big fish. Wishful building!!

Mose, doing a different kind of fishing.

Which he got really good at. See all of them in the bottle.

And out.

The girls!!!!

We walked into Seaside a few times and the kids got to hangout and spend their money on ice cream, t-shirts, magazines, lollipops and bracelets.

Cooling off after.

There was a farmer's market one day and Jeanne, Douglas and I bought fresh peaches. This one looked incredibly like...well you see. Awesome, right!

The Dolphins came out almost every morning and evening. Gabby, Milly and Reedy are checking them out.

Cottage No.1 at Seagrove Villas. Very cute, but not the cooking kind.

The bracelet making begins.

Georgia's surf is up!!

Ok, what's with the purple mustache? Oh yeah, another Seaside shopping trip.

Since our kitchen was the size of this Macbook we spent time in Seaside for lunch. Although I believe this was Josh's breakfast one day.

Kimaree and Georgia after tacos. And sunglasses shopping :)

Baseball on the beach.

Hutch takes on the waves.

Grayson and Georgia building their dream castle.

The kitchens were a bit to be desired, I believe I mentioned before, but this cracked me up. All we had for the salad was a frying pan.

Kids pic at the magic light hour.

The End. Thanks friend.

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dsorro said...

The photos are fantastic.
The caught fish might qualify for a Guinness record!!! Congratulations.