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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pick up time in Vermont. Spectacularly warm day at Keewaydin.

Mose gives me a hug hello! I missed his awesome hugs!

One from Mathilda too!

Some other Mayer's were there. Eleanor and Isabelle with MJ.

Eric, too.

 Mathilda shows me the camp garden. Very impressive! Back there is Mooselamoo!

MJ fishing on Lake Dunmore. She picked her activites on the last day in honor of Josh and I. Morning fishing for Dad and afternoon, tennis for Moi. (I've been extolling it's virtues to her relentlessly)

She also made gifts for Josh and I in Camp Craft. A winter hat for me (which she loomed) and a travel pillow for Josh. (she also made the cards! ) Very sweet!

At Keewaydin Mose tells the tales of camp life!!

From formation...

To Waramaug tent crew circle.

Special camp for a special kid. My Mose.

Goodbye hugs at Songa. MJ and CJ.

And Keewaydin buddy Dennis.

We all love camp.

Until next year!! Kee WAY din, Kee WAY din, Quey, Quey, Quey.

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