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Friday, June 4, 2010

18 kids, 13 adults, 2 houses, 1 enormous fish and too much fun. Thanks everyone for the special family meals, for clean up, for pancakes, for daiquiris, for grocery runs, for cooler care, for no TV, for boat rides and bike rides and late night swims. Love you all.

We went over to Gulf Shores after school and spent 7 days together. There were lots of laughs, some great food and the blender only stopped to sleep. All the kids were fishing fools. Here are most of them. And then, some more of them.

3 girls, 3 hats, and 6 eyes are shining.

Reedy Jane's winning smile.

Kimaree and Georgia get close to some pretty special periwinkles.

James gets a fish. But not the only fish.

Hutch and his crew looking for the big one. The man has some gear.

Casey, always the helper.

Mose and Josh looking for sand fleas to use for bait. Shovel those suckers.

Knoxie makes his famous Key Lime Pie. Check out the garnish and everything. Delicious!

Nico keeps an eye on his fish. "It's the big one", he says.

Gaby and Milly will not let the drips win!!!

Just call me Jack the shark.

Grayson in the middle.

Oh yeah baby, that's my fish. Knoxie catches the big one!!!

Fred saves a man who need not be saved. All in fun. Our crowd :)

Henry reels this one in.

Little Miss Brown (Daddy's) Eyes. Georgia Bean.

The dance contest gets low, low, low. 

Photo by Hutch Hutchinson

Gabriella settles in for some sun.

Casey and Danny will not be denied. Gotcha!

Grayson models his iPod case, handmade with love. GRrrrr.

Sarah and Reedy in the magic light.

And now, from the friendship bracelet factory...

These guys love to fish! Thanks for sharing.

Freds very, very, very close friend, the Remora. MJ snags him.

Boys, 123.

Kelly and Fred beach sittin'

Kate and GBean. Wow!

Beach soccer, no injuries.

Josh and shark come face to face.

The bingo master raises a few eyebrows.

Photo by Hutch Hutchinson

Sand dollars were collected and necklaces were made.

Jeanne and Douglas find some magic light.

Photo by Hutch Hutchinson

Bingo night has prizes and onions.

Photo by Hutch Hutchinson

The Knoxes. Fine boys.

Emma's hero.

Photo by Hutch Hutchinson

Too cute. Eat them up. Sweet as pie.

Nico on the boat. Thanks Knox and Sarah!

Photo by Hutch Hutchinson

Our beautiful beach. God save the beaches. :) Thanks, y'all.

Photo by Hutch Hutchinson

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