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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A week in Wellfleet, MA. Cape Cod is heaven in summer. Oceans, ponds, clam strips, lobster rolls, wrestling, canoeing and hanging with the family.

We hit a Red Sox game on the way from camp to the cape. Hot fun.
Serenity now.
On the icy cold Atlantic.

We saw hump back whales with babies.
Mathilda and Mose show off their kayaking abilities on Gull Pond. Impressive.

The gangs all clamming.
Gideon and Holly snuggle up.
MJ and June, together forever.
Mose loves him some lobster.
Elbow and Eric. Happy together.
Dusk at the dunes.
Eleanor Mayer and Ginger Bernstein enjoy the beach and each other.
Josh gets a clam.
Isabelle and Holly Bernstein check out the beach treasures.
The cousins.
Josh and Jill on the dunes of Wellfleet.

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